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Family Photo Buddy...

Helps you organize digital pictures

Family Photo Buddy is for documenting and distributing your digital photo collections.

Enter descriptions, including date, location, people in picture and more. Categorize them into groups for viewing or making photo albums.

Helps you share photos

Print albums, make CDs with slide shows or use Family Photo Buddy Server (FREE!) to share your pictures with family and friends.

When you burn a CD, you can select which categories to include.

When Family Photo Buddy is on a CD with your image database, it will always run directly from the CD - installation is never required and your viewers never need to install anything to see your slide shows.

Helps you make photo albums

Print 2, 6 or 45 (thumbs) per page with descriptions (people in picture).

Helps you keep track of your family history

Keep a list of people to make entering picture descriptions speedy and easy (enter names once). Enter more details about people including birthdays, addresses and history if you like.

Helps you with that box of old pictures

This is what started it all! Scan in your treasured family photos, describe the people in them, and rest assured that your family history is well preserved and everyone has a copy.

You'll find it easy to use. Also, with no external .dll or "system" dependencies, it goes in light and is easy to deal with.

Click here to see the main screen.

Go to the Downloads page and get your copy today. It is FREE. We only ask for a small contribution (registration) if you want to make CDs which include the Family Photo Buddy software (only $10). By then you will have had a chance to decide if you like it - we know you will!

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